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EU Referendum? No Thanks.

One of the big political issues coming up is the EU Referendum, and whilst most people will be deciding whether they’re for or against, I have a different angle. Why even have a referendum at all? It’s an immensely complicated subject, way beyond most peoples grasp. The outcome of any vote is unpredictable and serious. Leaving Europe could potentially turn out well for us. It could also spell economic disaster.

No to an EU Referendum

The experts cannot agree on what the consequences of leaving Europe will be, so what chance does the average Joe have of making heads or tails of it all? I’ve made an attempt myself to understand it all and the deeper I get, the muddier the water becomes. Can anyone seriously claim expertise on the subject? Does anyone truly understand all the complex trade agreements we have? We elected a government to make these kind of decisions. It’s their job – not ours. The general public – or at least the vast majority of the general public – are massively unqualified to make this decision. We voted to elect a Government and trust that Government to make the right choices.

No Biased Information Please

But… if the referendum is going to happen, and unfortunately it looks like it is, then maybe it wouldn’t be quite so bad if the media made an attempt to present the public with a balanced view, explaining the pros and cons in an unbiased way so that we are informed enough to make a better decision. But that’s not the way it will work. The newspapers, with their own agendas, will be at work forcing their favoured arguments down the publics throat in an attempt to influence matters in a way that’s favourable to them. Politicians will be campaigning too with their one-sided arguments. The media outlets offering reasonable debate and balance will be in the minority. Mr Farage of UKIP has already stated that he’s un-resigned so he can start campaigning ahead of the referendum.

We Can Think for Ourselves

We don’t need campaigns. We need information, impartial and balanced because I would hope (and I’m not entirely convinced on this) that the human race is capable of thinking for themselves. We just lack quality information. So Mr Cameron – have the balls to make the decision yourself. Otherwise, please stop telling us what we should be thinking – and that goes for all politicians and news outlets. Just give us what we need to do your job for you but please remember – if the economy goes tits up as a result of the referendum then you are still responsible. Don’t try and push the blame onto the British public because you lacked the courage to make the decision yourself.

Further Reading – Make a Start Now

For anybody wishing to learn more about the pros and cons of leaving Europe, please look beyond your daily newspaper. I’ve pulled a few decent articles together below to get you started: – The UK should leave the European Union – How the EU Works – UK and the EU. Better of out or in?
This is Money – Should Britain stay in the European Union?
CER – The Economic Consequences of Leaving the EU (PDF)

There’s plenty more out there too if you take the time to search. I’m not saying never read anything that’s biased. I’m saying make sure your information is balanced. For every article you read that’s anti EU, read one that’s pro EU. Get both sides of the story.


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